Abbreviated Counter Ambush / Vehicle Defense

This two day course of instruction is designed to get the student familiar with fighting around and within the confines of a vehicle. The main point of the course will cover the intricate details of drawing and presenting the handgun from the small, tight quarters of a vehicle interior and neutralizing threats both inside and outside the vehicle. Student will witness a ballistics demonstration that will highlight strong points and weak points on vehicles. Drills will then force the student to utilize those strong points during multiple targets and problem solving drills. This is NOT a basic course and the student should be very familiar with safety and weapons manipulations. The course is moderately physical and the student should be in good physical condition.


Topics Covered:

  • Safe Tactics
  • Ballistics Demonstration
  • Positions of necessity vs. positions of advantage
  • Confined space weapon deployment
  • Engagements from inside the vehicle
  • Engagements from outside the vehicle
  • Counter ambush/emergency exit drills
  • Engagements under/over/around the vehicle

Course Requirements:

  • 600 rounds of quality handgun ammunition.
  • Quality handgun
  • Sturdy holster
  • Magazine pouches
  • Sturdy belt
  • Minimum 3 magazines
  • Eye protection
  • Ear protection
  • Cooler with water and sports drinks
  • Lunch foods, snacks, energy bars and/or fruits. (I don’t take a conventional lunch break. We’ll take a short break on site each day to keep the course curriculum interruption to a minimum.)