ExpiredHandgun Tactics – Calera, AL

This is an advanced course of instruction that will have the student employing the handgun while reducing problems by means of discretionary shooting . The majority of the course requires the student to engage moving targets, shoot while on the move and shoot moving targets while on the move, all while properly utilizing cover/concealment.
Handgun Tactics
*Safe Tactics
*Weapons Manipulations
-malfunction reduction
*Using cover/concealment
*Engaging Moving Targets
*Shooting on the Move
*Shooting Moving Targets While Moving

Equipment needs:
*Quality handgun with minimum 3 magazines
*500 rounds
*Quality support gear; belt, holster and magazine pouches
*Eye protection
*Ear protection

( + $20 range fee payable to Double Tap Training Grounds )

  • Handgun Tactics
    October 20, 2018
    9:00 am - 5:00 pm



Venue Phone: 205-368-2774

Venue Website:

300 Horton Cove Rd, Calera, Alabama, 35040, United States

Bunk rooms available for $30 per night