Combatant Casualty Care – C2

An emerging view of a well-rounded armed individual is that he possesses the ability to press home the fight and render aggressive patient care, not only to himself, but also to those who have fallen around him. From the initial contact to a position of cover, those skill sets will be taught which will enable the individual to fight and assist the traumatized while injured. Integration of physically demanding patient intervention and live fire techniques developed by Talon Defense and recognized under the moniker of “Injured Shooter” are designed to mold the disciplines of pre-hospital trauma care and weapons manipulation into a seamless response. The medical component of this course builds upon recognized doctrines of “Care Under Fire” and “Tactical Field Care.”

No prior medical training is required for this course.

The firearms component requires the student to have mastered at least an intermediate level of pistol proficiency. Potential students are advised that this course is mentally and physically demanding.


Equipment Needs:

  • 600 rounds handgun