Comprehensive Skills Development: Handgun

This course targets the shooter that has developed a high level of proficiency with the handgun. The course will focus on making the student safe and proficient with the handgun while moving in tight confines and close quarters. The course will begin with an overview of safe tactics, fundamentals review and skills assessment. Throughout the class the student will be required to safely and efficiently complete complex drills that will require concise execution of the fundamentals and precise accuracy. The shooter will be placed in situations and drills that will require a mental thought process all while being required to perform safely while under stress, duress and in unorthodox positions. This course is moderately physical in nature and the student should be in good physical condition to attend. 

This is an OPEN Enrollment course. Open to LE, MIL and qualified & vetted civilians.


Topics Covered:

Day 1

  • Safe tactics
  • Fundamental review
  • Mechanics review
  • Skills assessment
  • Pure application of fundamentals (distance drills/work)
  • Static movement
  • Muzzle discipline & awareness work
  • Single hand work
    • Primary hand
    • Off hand

Day 2

  • Ground Work
    • Fundamentals
    • Mechanics
  • Barricade / Positional Work
  • Confined space work
  • Target transitions
  • Threat transitions
  • Multiple target engagements

Day 3

  • Movement (shooter)
    • Lateral
    • Linear
  • Movement (threat)
    • Lateral
    • Linear
  • Dual movement
  • Cover / Concealment Drills


Equipment Needs:

  • Note pad / pen
  • Handgun w/ minimum 3 magazines
  • 1,500 rounds quality ammunition
  • High quality & robust sights
  • Quality, sturdy belt.
  • Weapon specific holster
  • Quality, sturdy belt mounted magazine pouches
  • High quality eye protection
  • High quality ear protection. *Amplified, over the ear, HIGHLY recommended*
  • Students are encouraged to work from their daily carry set up.