Low Light Instructor Development

This course will focus on the use and manipulation of white light in deminished light environments. Students will be required to not only utilize but understand the fundamentals of handheld light techniques and the nueances that make the techniques work effectively in conjunction with the handgun.

Weapon mounted lighting techniques will also be coverd as well as meshing the handheld and weapon mounted lights together into a seamless system.

Students will be required to work safely on flat range drills, unconventional shooting positons and movement drills. Work safely and effectively around partners on the range and inside the live-fire shoothouse.

Comprehensive teach backs and shooting standards must be met to successfully complete the course.

The course is designed to assist the student with the implementation of a successful low-light inservice program.

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Injured Shooter

This mentally intensive and physically demanding course focuses on shooting and manipulating the handgun & carbine with a single hand. Both primary and support side shooting and manipulations will be covered extensively. The entire course will limit the student to conduct all techniques using only a single hand. Flat range drills will cover safely drawing, presenting, shooting & manipulating the handgun with each hand before covering deployment of the carbine with similar drills. Magazine changes, malfunction clearances and transitions will be covered.

The training will culminate into drills that require the student to solve complex problems with both weapons. This course requires moderate physical activity and the participant should be in good physical condition. 


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Comprehensive Skills Development: Handgun

This course targets the shooter that has developed a high level of proficiency with the handgun. The course will focus on making the student safe and proficient with the handgun while moving in tight confines and close quarters. The course will begin with an overview of safe tactics, fundamentals review and skills assessment. Throughout the class the student will be required to safely and efficiently complete complex drills that will require concise execution of the fundamentals and precise accuracy. The shooter will be placed in situations and drills that will require a mental thought process all while being required to perform safely while under stress, duress and in unorthodox positions. This course is moderately physical in nature and the student should be in good physical condition to attend. 

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Covert Carry

This course will focus on the fundamentals required to safely, efficiently and effectively carry and implement your daily carry handgun and support equipment. This 2 day class will cover safe tactics and focus on creating a safe shooter vs. a safe environment. Fundamentals will be covered extensively as will weapons manipulations. Drills and scenarios will mimic the reality of the street. This course requires the student to get into and out of ground positions, move in confined spaces and work from a vehicle.

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Abbreviated Counter Ambush / Vehicle Defense

This two day course of instruction is designed to get the student familiar with fighting around and within the confines of a vehicle. The main point of the course will cover the intricate details of drawing and presenting the handgun from the small, tight quarters of a vehicle interior and neutralizing threats both inside and outside the vehicle. Student will witness a ballistics demonstration that will highlight strong points and weak points on vehicles. Drills will then force the student to utilize those strong points during multiple targets and problem solving drills. This is NOT a basic course and the student should be very familiar with safety and weapons manipulations. The course is moderately physical and the student should be in good physical condition.

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Combatant Casualty Care – C4

This four day course incorporates the training modules found in the two day COMBATANT CASUALTY CARE – “Brass and Blood – Fightin’ and Fixin'” course. The Brass and Blood course introduces patient care at the TCCC stage of “Care Under Fire” as well as initial actions taken at the “Tactical Field Care” stage. Brass and Blood also weaves Talon Defense’s “Injured Shooter” handgun techniques throughout patient care management. The “Off the ‘X’ and Beyond” course moves deeper into “Tactical Field Care” and introduces “Injured Shooter” carbine manipulation.

Some of the enhanced medical blocks of instruction will consist of IV administration, advanced airway procedures, and needle chest decompression. Weapons instruction will cover “Injured Shooter” techniques for both handgun and carbine, with emphasis placed on marksmanship from unorthodox positions and malfunction reduction. Scenarios will challenge the student to present sound tactical weapons usage lending to proper patient care.

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Combatant Casualty Care – C2

An emerging view of a well-rounded armed individual is that he possesses the ability to press home the fight and render aggressive patient care, not only to himself, but also to those who have fallen around him. From the initial contact to a position of cover, those skill sets will be taught which will enable the individual to fight and assist the traumatized while injured. Integration of physically demanding patient intervention and live fire techniques developed by Talon Defense and recognized under the moniker of “Injured Shooter” are designed to mold the disciplines of pre-hospital trauma care and weapons manipulation into a seamless response. The medical component of this course builds upon recognized doctrines of “Care Under Fire” and “Tactical Field Care.”

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