We do not supply ammunition for courses.  Proper ammo count is the responsibility of the student.  We list the ammo requirement for each course and estimate that count on the high side. We suggest that the student bring a little extra just in case.

We can point you towards several dealers/suppliers if you need to procure ammo for a course. 

Personal Protective Equipment

PPE is the responsibility of the student.  All students are required to wear eye protection and ear protection while on the range. Other equipment you might consider:  Brimmed hat, sun screen, bug spray, elbow/knee pads, rain gear, quality footwear, proper and adequate clothing.

Quality Support Gear

Sturdy belt,  dedicated holster molded/fitted/specific to the handgun you will use in the course. Magazine pouches for spare magazines. 

Lunch / Food / Drinks

Water, sports drinks, snacks, fruits, lunch foods in a cooler or other proper container(s).  We generally do not take a "traditional lunch break."  We do take a break to refuel but generally require you to do that at the range.  Some ranges are remote and far from any restaurants or store(s).  

Inclement Weather

We do not stop training due to weather.  We will train through cold, rain, wind, heat or what ever the case may be.  We will only halt training if the conditions become hazardous, ie:  lightning or sever storms.  

Payment / Cancellation Policy

Talon Defense conducts its primary business through the filling of seats in courses. We believe that serious training is a commitment for all the parties involved. Signing up for a course and not showing up causes numerous issues with the biggest being that it possibly kept someone from attending and occupying that seat. We do realize that sometimes unavoidable conflicts may arise. 

You may read our full policy here.