Low Light Instructor Development

This course will focus on the use and manipulation of white light in deminished light environments. Students will be required to not only utilize but understand the fundamentals of handheld light techniques and the nueances that make the techniques work effectively in conjunction with the handgun.

Weapon mounted lighting techniques will also be coverd as well as meshing the handheld and weapon mounted lights together into a seamless system.

Students will be required to work safely on flat range drills, unconventional shooting positons and movement drills. Work safely and effectively around partners on the range and inside the live-fire shoothouse.

Comprehensive teach backs and shooting standards must be met to successfully complete the course.

The course is designed to assist the student with the implementation of a successful low-light inservice program.


  • Duty handgun w/ minimum of 3 magazines
  • Duty gear w/ all issued duty gear (handcuffs, taser, oc, radio, etc.)
  • Handheld flashlight
  • Weapon mounted light (NOT Mandatory but highly suggested)
  • Ballistic vest
  • 6 chem lights (or other acceptable visible PID device)
  • Clear eye protection
  • Hearing protection (amplified highly suggested)
  • Pen/notepad
  • 800 rounds for handgun


  • Lunch/water/sports drinks/snacks/fruits
    We will be working late into the night and nearby restaurants will be closed.